If you have a tree on your property that is blocking the sun, restricting your view or becoming an obstruction but you don't want to chop it down completely, tree lopping may be the answer.

What Is Tree Lopping?

Tree lopping refers to the process of removing tree branches in order to train growth in a certain direction. By removing damaged or dead sections of the tree, new growth is encouraged and the longevity of the tree is preserved.


Our professional team are fully trained in specialist tree lopping techniques in order to safely and effectively remove excess and diseased branches from your tree, all whilst maintaining the tree's structure and overall appearance.

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When Should I Consider Tree Lopping?

Tree lopping can be used to reduce the size of a tree or to modify the tree's shape. You should consider hiring a professional to lop your tree if:


  • It is growing towards property
  • It is blocking a pathway
  • It is blocking the sun from your garden
  • It is restricting your view
  • It is growing into your neighbour's property
  • It is becoming too large or unruly
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Toowoomba Tree Lopping by Cut Above Tree Care

If you reside in the Toowoomba area and require a professional arborist to take care of the trees on your property, look no further than Cut Above Tree Care. With over 15 years of experience, our team are fully qualified to carry out a range of tree services. We are dedicated to safely caring for your trees, providing a high-quality service at a competitive price.


We will discuss your requirements and assess the health of your tree before beginning any work in order to ensure we are providing the best service we can. Our expert tree loppers will remove the necessary branches with care and precision, creating the shape you require without damaging the structure of the tree.

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Prompt & Professional Tree Lopping

At Cut Above Tree Care, we offer an effective and efficient tree lopping service to encourage the right type of growth for your trees. Whether you’re looking for a specific aesthetic or have concerns about branches growing where they shouldn't, our team of arboreal specialists are available to help you.


We have a team of professionally certified arborists with years of industry experience and relevant qualifications who can perform tree lopping services. Our work involves rigorous inspections of the tree so that we can find the best way to lop off branches and encourage growth in a specific direction. We strive to keep the tree and your property safe through our work, so you don’t have to worry about our work harming the tree or your home.


As well as being one of the most reputable tree specialists in Toowoomba, at Cut Above Tree Care, we provide our services at cost-effective rates. We take pride in offering fantastic value for money and professional services for every job that we’re a part of. We go into every project with a meticulous eye for detail and the right tools for the job. That way, we can work quickly and professionally - saving you time and money without compromising on quality.

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Tree Lopping FAQ

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