Tree pruning or removal is a time consuming and dangerous task. Cut Above Tree Care's team will beautify your existing trees, or remove them completely - including stump grinding to leave the area useable and looking great.

We specialise in removal of large trees in complex or confined spaces; minimising the risk of damage to your surrounding infrastructure, whether that be buildings, fences or the landscape.

And don't forget our Palm Tree Cleaning - ask us for a quote to get your outdoor areas in shape for the warmer months.

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Cutting down a decaying or unwanted tree is only half the job.  Cut Above Tree Care recommend our Stump Grinding service because it:

- Prevents unwanted tree growth reoccuring.

- Frees up useable space in your landscape or garden area.

- Eliminates ugly trip hazards.

Check out our blog for videos where you'll see our stump grinder at work!



Gardens and trees love mulch, and at Cut Above Tree Care, we love bringing it to you. If you are having your unwanted trees removed, let us mulch them onsite and leave you with a cost effective and functional way to nourish and present your gardens.



If you've got a tree your worried about; Cut Above Tree Care can provide you a straight forward, easy to understand recommendation outlining our tree diagnosis. Our Managing Director will personally assess a plant's health, dimension, roots and location, as well as looking for any disease or decay.

Our tree reports will help you make informed decisions about weather to remove or relocate valuable flora.

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Cut Above Tree Care undertake the complete tree transplant process for mature species. Our methodology includes:

- Assessment of tree condition and viability of proposed relocation.

- Source specialist machinery and transportation requirements, for example cranes.

- Apply Aborist techniques and treatments to roots system during transplant to promote tree health.

- Follow up consultations to monitor progress and symptoms of tree in it's new environment.

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