Wet home window with wet trees outside

Tree Care in Wet Weather

During wet weather, our trees need a little more care to ensure they stay protected and healthy. Contact us today on 0412 303 650 to know more about tree care.

With the increase in wet weather around the country, and particularly in Queensland, proper tree care has never been more important. During wet weather, our trees need a little more care to ensure they stay protected and healthy. Not sure how best to look after your trees in the rain? Read on for our helpful tips.


Improve soil drainage

Proper drainage is key to avoiding tree damage in the rain. Assess your property to ensure there are no blocked drains and install more drainage areas above and below the surface.


Look out for disease and infection

Fungus and bacteria thrive in wet weather. Be on the lookout for blight, mildew, black spot and mould. Any sign of disease should be treated by a professional arborist.


Remove weeds

It's not only trees that grow in wet weather - weeds do, too. Regular weeding can prevent weeds from overtaking your garden and absorbing the nutrients your trees need to thrive.



A thin layer of mulch can help retain moisture in your soil and ensure it stays free of weeds in times of heavy rain. It will also help deter bacteria and other diseases, preventing their growth and spread. It's important you maintain your mulch, checking it after each rainfall and raking or topping up as necessary.


Give support to your plants

Stakes or ties can give your trees the support they need to survive disease and infection during wet weather. Vertical climbing supports will help your trees and plants stand tall during heavy downpours, while also limiting overcrowding and improving airflow.


Use slow release fertiliser

Liquid fertiliser will just wash away in heavy rain. Fertilising your garden with slow-release granules will ensure your soil absorbs as many nutrients as possible.


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